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Korozo Korozo Korozo Korozo Korozo Korozo Korozo Korozo

KOROZO Product Highlights

News from KOROZO

  • KOROZO listed in Capital  Turkey’s “Elite Companies” rankingKOROZO was ranked among Turkey's 500 "elite companies" across all sectors in the survey conducted by Capital Turkey, one of the most prestigious monthly business and finance magazines in the country. As a leader of packaging industry in Turkey and a major player adding value to our economy, we continue to add new successes to our business.

  • Korozo Comes Back with Three Awards From Golden Packaging Competition, 2014Golden Packaging Competition is organized and hosted by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) each year and the main goal is to select the best packaging products of Turkey.


Korozo Pouches

  • Quadro BagsBesides our stand up pouches with K-seal gussets, with/out zipper, handles; we have now added to our portfolio Quadro Bags. 

  • Spout Pouches

    After our analysis in depth for market trends and requirements especially in food, beauty and personal care, beverages, household products and healthcare products packaging; Korozo has now invested in machinery for spout pouches.



Security Bags

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