Once Again The Most Liked Company In The Industry Is Korozo.

Turkey's leading flexible packaging company Korozo has added to its award successes. In The Most Admired Companies of the Sector survey, organised by Capital Magazine, Korozo was ranked the first in the packaging category for 2018 and reaffirmed its leadership in the sector with its contribution to the national economy and employment, visionary investments and reliability. Emphasising that this success belongs to the entire Korozo family, Korozo Group CEO Jeki Mizrahi said: “In every step, we act with full awareness of our responsibilities towards our country, our society, our environment and our employees. Our strategy, productivity, and sustainability are at the center of our human-oriented approach and we are delighted to be one of the world's most admired companies in Turkey. These awards give us great motivation to move forward with confidence. Especially to all the Korozo family; I would like to thank those who see us as worthy of this prize, as well as Capital Magazine, which carries out this prestigious research.”