Taking Responsibility for the Next Generation

In conjunction with Koroplast, KOROZO takes its responsibilities towards the wellbeing of the next generation very seriously indeed, working to give our children a better future through the “Smiling Future” platform which supports children with developmental challenges and projects to help their personal and social development.

Koroplast is covering the annual cost of providing nutrition, health and education to children and their mothers who live in the Village of Koruncuk Fund (Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection) in Bolluca as the first step. This project also covers the restoration, maintenance and landscaping activities within Koruncuk village to improve quality of living.

In addition, we are very proud to have opened Esenyurt Korozo Primary School, which laid its foundations on May 21st, 2015, and started with an impressive 24 classrooms. With a capacity of 768 students, our school will help to raise bright future generations for our region, city, and country. We will keep on supporting our schools to ensure our children are raised under the best possible conditions.

Furthermore, we donate to Unicef for each Customer Satisfaction Survey filled in by a customer.

In another strand of Social Responsibility, KOROZO has compiled a book based on contributions from 9.000 women on the subject of saving time. All revenues from the resulting book, called “A Woman’s Mind is Always Different, Ideas to Facilitate Life” is being donated to KEDV (Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work).

We also look out for the environment, having initiated projects to monitor the use of garbage bags in association with the Ministries of Beyoglu, Bodrum, Mugla, Adalar, Besiktas and Sariyer. We also support “Woman and Garbage” movement led by Yonca Tokbas.

Established on April 8th, 1994 by Rahmi M. Koc and the Chamber of Shipping, TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association) is a Non-Governmental Organization and aims at protecting our shores and seas and creating a sustainable country for future generations. Korozo has been supporting TURMEPA for a long time, helping to raise awareness of environmental protection.