Korozo Aims to Grow with Human and Environment-Friendly Production

Sustainability forms the essence of corporate culture and values of Korozo, the world’s leading flexible packaging manufacturer. By continually improving our production processes during over 49 years, we have added value to the planet, environment, economy, society, business partners and employees and we base our sustainability strategy upon these foundations.

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Korozo adopts a sustainability policy with the awareness that the natural world belongs to society and future generations.

With a roadmap founded upon our values, we aim to become one of the top 10 companies of our industry in Europe by 2030. Thus, we redesign and continuously update our sustainability strategy for the next five years, in accordance with contemporary demands and needs. We have also accelerated our initiative to restructure all of our business processes, investments and organizational structures. Our major goal is to create permanent value through more efficient and effective use of resources, without compromising productivity and high quality.

While developing new products and solutions in parallel to global trends to improve our competitiveness, we also pay attention to human and environment-friendly processes and invest in state-of-the-art technologies based upon efficiency. Thanks to the sustainable environmental technologies employed at our new factory in Çorlu, we recycle and reuse solvents that have negative impact on the environment and people. Thus, we will reduce solvent-related emissions by 2,200 tons per year.

Customers, sales channels and end-users of our products also expect our company to encourage recycling and an environment-friendly approach. To meet this expectation, we manufacture multilayer films with recyclable raw materials and structures that offer greater added value. We aim to achieve 100% recyclability or reusability in our packaging production by 2030. As an example of the steps taken in this direction, we have included recyclability to the environment-friendly qualities of our Stand-up Pouches, and we have successfully completed the testing phase.

In addition, we not only lead the industry by embracing new technologies but also in reducing solvent-based chemical air pollution and self-generation of the electricity required to operate our factory. The objective of all these investments and operations is to establish a connected organizational structure using “smart” production processes.

Thus, we will improve our operational efficiency, maintain focus on meeting the expectations of customers all over the world more rapidly and expand our packaging portfolio with more environment-friendly products.