Korozo: The visionary story of two brothers...

Brothers Eli and Rafael Duvenyaz bought a manufacturing facility in Sefakoy in 1973. Once the family began to produce both raw materials and packaging, the Korozo name became well established.

During the early years of Korozo Ambalaj, a team of nine people produced 40 tons of product per month and grew steadily.

The Sefaköy plant was inaugurated in 1976 and its growth quickly accelerated.

The Koroplast brand was established in 1981, and so Turkey's first garbage bags and freezer bags were produced.

The Duvenyaz Brothers, who always prioritise innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, have made it possible for Korozo to develop its current market-leading position with every step they have taken and every investment they have made.

Today, Korozo is Turkey's leading packaging manufacturer and the Duvenyaz brothers are still supporting the company and its brand reputation as Honorary Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors.