A Pioneer in the Packaging Sector


KOROZO is the number one flexible packaging company in Turkey and has gone from strength to strength since the company was established in 1973. We can provide appealing packaging solutions for a wide range of applications including food and non-food items, household bags, stretch/silage films, nearly all with high quality printing in up to 11 colours.

One of Turkey’s leading industrial powers respected around the world, we are a global business exporting to around 75 countries from our nine factories in Turkey and sales and distribution offices in the UK, Germany, France.

Korozo has acquired a majority stake in the Belgium-based Vitra NV and Creavit NV (Rask) as part of our continuous investments and our global growth plan. The acquisition will take Korozo one step closer to our goal of becoming one of the top 10 packaging manufacturers in Europe.

We are a reliable, one-stop shop for flexible packaging with the largest manufacturing facilities in the Middle East and Europe with 11 factories having total production area of 201.698m2 and more than 137.000 tons of production capacity.

KOROZO also has the capability to create versatile stand-up pouches, pouches with valves, spout pouches, quadro bags and reclosable films as well as a variety of materials and print options such as easy-opening laser scribing, holograms and 3D effects and promotional code printing.

The company’s success in developing innovative solutions in the packaging world has been recognised with a plethora of awards and quality accreditations in Turkey as well as at the prestigious Worldstar Packaging Awards in Flexibles Category for 2016 with our Multi-Layered, Printed Bottom and Top Barrier Film products.

KOROZO is committed to sustainable practices to minimise its impact on the environment. The company strives to make the most efficient use of natural resources, to reduce waste, to comply with environmental laws and regulations and to support recycling and re-using activities.

We will be the perfect partner for your packaging needs.