A Major Player in the Flexible Packaging Global Market

KOROZO  was established in 1973 and has grown to become one of Turkey’s leading industrial powers, exporting flexible packaging and film products to around 88 countries worldwide.

Operating nine factories based in Turkey’s industrial heartlands, continuing expansion over decades has enabled us to become a global brand with a production, sales and distribution offices in the UK, Germany, France and Russia.

KOROZO has one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the Middle East and Europe with a production capacity exceeding 125.000 tons, a turnover of 345 million euros and employing around 2750 staff including regional offices.

The company’s success in developing innovative solutions in the packaging world has been recognised with many awards and accreditations, including the prestigious Worldstar Packaging Awards in Flexibles Category for 2016 with our Multi-Layered, Printed Bottom and Top Barrier Film products.

KOROZO is committed to sustainable practices to minimise its impact on the environment. The company strives to make the most efficient use of natural resources, to reduce waste and complies with environmental laws and regulations and supports recycling and re-use activities.



A Strategy for Future Success in the Global Packaging Sector

KOROZO has become a pioneering force in Turkish packaging since the company was established in 1973 and is now a leading global business that offers the food and non-food sectors one of the widest choices of flexible packaging, bags, films and related items.

The company’s business strategy is based around supplying innovative and market leading products that are the right solution for every challenge, driven by investment in our infrastructure, the latest equipment and our employees – our staff work to lean management principles. The aim is to set the benchmark in great service to ensure that we remain a front-runner in the global packaging industry.

We are also committed to a fully integrated supply chain with traceability each step of the way from sourcing to distribution, speedy turnaround, and a diversified supplier base, with no dependency.



Our Mission

To remain at the forefront of global packaging,  by enhancing our reputation for innovation, quality and reliability, while acting responsibly towards our environment.


Our Vision

To support our customers' market achievements by providing product differentiation, and to introduce new  opportunities through  research and innovation.