Flexible packaging for food and non-food products

Celebrating 50 Years of success, Korozo Group has become one of Turkey’s leading industrial powers, exporting flexible packaging and film products to around 75 countries worldwide.

Sustainability is at the heart of Korozo’s growth. The company is committed to harnessing a greener approach and is set on reducing its impact on the environment, both in its own operations as well with respect to the products that are developed, sold and ultimately disposed off.

We supply barrier films, bags and flexible packaging – with printing of up to 11 colours for stand-out shelf-appeal – for anything ranging from cold meats, to microwaveable bags and ready meals, frozen food and fresh produce to confectionery, snacks and dried food as well as pet food pouches and ice cream packs with cold seals.

Bread and bakery items can also be catered for along with a selection of instant drink packaging, flexible pouches, deli bags suitable for both hot and cold foods. Non-food items include beauty & healthcare, personal care, home care products packaging such as cosmetics, powdered drugs, diaper & sanitary pad bags, wet wipes, detergents, tablets & capsules; medical packaging for devices or disposable wear; security and carrier bags as well as high-tech industrial films such as protective films, thermal lamination films and agricultural packaging such as silage films.

KOROZO also has the capability to create divided pouches, pouches with valves, spout pouches, quadro bags and re- closable films as well as a variety of materials and print options such as easy-opening laser scribing, holograms and 3D effects and promotional code printing.