A market leader in kitchen consumables

Koroplast is the ‘go to’ KOROZO brand for our popular range of aroma reducing garbage bags, aluminium foils, freezer bags, storage bags, cooking bags for disposing of waste and the storing of food and non-food items.

A market leader in kitchen consumables – your house is probably filled with our products – Koroplast improves the quality of life for consumers with specialised household goods, that are constantly being upgraded through innovation. Examples include garbage bags with odour trap technology or scented bags to eliminate the smells associated with waste products.

To prevent waste and prolong freshness of food items we also offer a vast selection of Koroplast multi-purpose solutions for protecting food at home. These include zipper bags, slider bags with zipper and double zipper, ice cube bags, cooler bags, bakery papers and breastmilk storage bags.