Korozo Group CEO Filip Lens disclosed a message on the measures we have taken against Covid-19 outbreak.

Dear Business Partners,

In our earlier messages, we have promised that we would keep you informed about the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak on Korozo and indirectly on our supply to you.

Our priorities have not changed, we focus on keeping our employees safe for their own health. At the same time it is the best guarantee to minimise any negative impact on business continuity.

I am therefore happy to confirm that until now the interruptions have been limited. This would certainly not have been the case if we would not have taken pro-active measures as soon as practical. Despite all the actions we have taken, our overall output has been somewhat affected where we have had to reduce staffing levels, mainly due to quarantine regulations imposed by the Turkish Ministry of Health for employees with higher health risks.

In combination with a significant increase in demand, this has resulted in longer lead times for some products of at least one week extra. We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing. We are working hard to overcome these issues, but it is realistic to assume that this situation will continue for several more weeks.

With respect to the weekend curfews which have been announced in Turkey for the remainder of April, we have received the confirmation from the Internal Affairs that as a supplier of both the healthcare and food industry we will be exempt. Our employees will therefore be allowed to travel to work also during the weekends and our operations will continue to produce as normal.

We will monitor the situation continuously and will keep you informed of future evolutions. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Korozo contact, if you have any further questions.

We appreciate your support and cooperation and we wish you all healthy and safe days.